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Furuno and NYK Sign Agreement for Japan’s First Electronic Logbook Service

Sea trials will soon be held for the first Electronic Logbook Service in Japan, automating many of the important functions of this critical documentation.

The EL-100 Electronic Logbook, under development by Furuno Electric Company in consultation with Japan Marine Science Inc., incorporates data from the ship’s navigation systems utilizing the captain’s own knowledge and experience to streamline the logbook process and increase the accuracy of the information contained therein.

Logbooks are a vital aspect of shipping to record and preserve critical information, such as the dates and results of certain inspections as well as various data pertaining to the vessel and voyage. Logbooks are required on most ships in Japan, and Title 46 of the United States Code requires that a log must be maintained by vessels meeting certain requirements. Because they have traditionally been completed by hand, the workload for keeping an accurate logbook can be demanding, and the accuracy of the entries can be an issue. The retirement of senior members, along with a reduction in experienced seafarers, has become a pressing issue in the maritime industry. In response, research and development are being conducted to support advanced shipping and operational efficiency.

The EL-100 promises of the following benefits:

  • Automatically input acquired data from navigational equipment, reducing seafarers' workload/work hours
  • Auto calculations of operational data
  • Use of templates for standardized articles when recording work
  • Prevention of record omissions through a checklist system that confirms previously formulated voyage plans
  • Enhanced readability of record content through electronic information
  • Improved ease of information-sharing in the event of maritime accidents
  • Efficient collection and analysis support for work records, including vessel data collection and analysis support from the shoreside, and the reduction of duplication by sharing record data between various logbooks

The NYK Group will conduct trials of this product on vessels under its own operation and management, and the data obtained from those trials, along with feedback from the crew, will be used to improve the quality of the EL-100 Electronic Logbook. Furuno's future plans include expanding its portfolio of sales partners and creating advanced templates tailored to the actual conditions of each. Their commitment to technological innovation promises the realization of a safer and more secure navigation environment for mariners.

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