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Boxfish Research Renames to Boxfish Robotics

Boxfish Research is excited to announce the official renaming to Boxfish Robotics. The decision reflects the company's evolving focus and product line, emphasizing its commitment to underwater exploration and robotics technology.

As Boxfish product portfolio advanced, with a diverse range of robotics systems, both tethered and untethered, the company recognized the need for a name that better represents their current scope and aspirations. Hence, Boxfish Robotics emerged as the ideal identity to embody their innovation-driven vision.

The original name, Boxfish Research, was rooted in ties to scientific exploration, focused on offering 360 cameras, ROVs and custom solutions, catering to an esteemed clientele in marine research and served their exploration and research endeavors.

Boxfish Robotics mission

As Boxfish Robotics, the mission remains: to lead the underwater robotics revolution with unparalleled innovation, excellence clarity in underwater imagery, and a commitment to sustainable ocean exploration.

About Boxfish Robotics

Boxfish Robotics stands as a distinguished underwater technology company, specializing in the design of ROVs and HAUVs. These systems provide to gain profound insights, experience, and work within the underwater realm. Boxfish Robotics’ technologies have proven their capabilities across various industries, including submerged asset inspection, offshore energy, marine science, expedition research vessels, aquaculture, biosecurity, and cinematography.

Drawing from expertise and customer-centric approach, Boxfish Robotics proudly offer user-friendly, actively stabilized submersibles that combine ultra-high-definition video with advanced sensing capabilities. The company’s ROVs, including the inspection class Boxfish Alpha, the expeditionary class Boxfish ROV, and the versatile cinematography drone Boxfish Luna, set new standards for safety, ease of operation, and productivity for industry professionals. The robust, stable, and highly maneuverable ROV platform provides the flexibility to upgrade with sensors, accessories, and autonomous features to meet evolving demands.

2Boxfish AUVBoxfish AUV and ROV. (Image credit: Boxfish Robotics)

Boxfish autonomous drone ARV-i

In collaboration with Norwegian company Transmark Subsea, Boxfish Robotics developed the autonomous underwater resident vehicle, ARV-i, tailored to continuously monitor and inspect underwater assets for offshore industries. ARV-i, is powered by advanced Artificial Intelligence and sensor integration, facilitates automated and remote operations, while ensuring efficient and precise data collection.

"As Boxfish Robotics, we are delighted to announce the renaming, symbolizing a transformative phase in our operations. Boxfish Robotics embodies our passion for innovation and dedication to the future of our oceans. Through our advanced robotics systems, we aspire to empower researchers, explorers, and industry professionals worldwide, facilitating a deeper understanding and responsible interaction with the underwater world." – Craig Anderson, Co-founder of Boxfish Robotics.

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