Vattenfall to Participate in Dutch Offshore Wind Tender Ijmuiden Ver

Vattenfall has decided to enter a bid for the sites, Alpha and Beta, of the Dutch IJmuiden Ver offshore wind tender.

IJmuiden Ver consists of two sites, each with a 2 GW capacity. Plans for site Alpha focus on biodiversity criteria, while Beta is focused on system integration. With entering the bids, Vattenfall wants to further increase its contribution to the renewable transition of the Dutch energy system and deliver on our goal to work for fossil freedom. Electricity production of both sites combined equals the energy consumption of about four million Dutch households.

Alpha—capitalizing on Vattenfall’s environment and biodiversity expertise

Vattenfall operates 4.1 GW in offshore wind projects, including the 1.5 GW wind farm Hollandse Kust Zuid (HKZ) in the Netherlands—the world’s first non-subsidized offshore wind farm. For the Alpha site of IJmuiden Ver, which sets high standards for marine and bird life protection, the bid builds on insights gained from projects at HKZ. Vattenfall is confident to meet the environment and biodiversity standards set for Alpha.

Beta—partnering for system integration

Vattenfall enters the bid for the Beta site with a partner and is confident that the consortium is fulfilling the system integration targets that are set out.

Zeevonk—a sparkling bid

The bids are registered with the name ‘Zeevonk’ which is the Dutch word for ‘sea sparkle’—a beautiful natural phenomenon. This plankton is known for its bioluminescence, illuminating the sea, and giving the water a bright blue glow that can be seen at night. The name emphasizes the importance of biodiversity within the wind farm as well as the energy spark, ‘vonk’ in Dutch, that is created by the electricity produced by a wind farm.

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