Saturday, 18 January 2020

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Trendsetter Contracted for 20K Hydraulic Intervention Connector by HWCG

Trendsetter Engineering, Inc. have been awarded a contract for the design, qualification and delivery of a 20K Hydraulic Intervention Connector by HWCG.

The 20K connector is designed to interface with the HWCG 20K Capping Stack and would be utilized to conduct flowback or intervention operations after the capping stack has been installed.

“We are thrilled by this recent award from HWCG and look forward to delivering a great product.
Trendsetter has been a market leader in developing and delivering products for HPHT applications, and this project represents yet another milestone for the Trendsetter’s subsea Connection System Product Line.”
said Antony Matson, Vice‐President of Projects.

The TC11/7 Hydraulic Intervention Connector will be the latest addition to Trendsetter’s extensive portfolio of connectors. The TC11/7 Hydraulic Intervention Connector leverages Trendsetter’s field proven hub and gasket profiles to provide 7” bore access and emergency disconnect capability for service up to 20,000psi. This order marks Trendsetter’s fifth unique connection system to be designed, qualified, and delivered to the API 17TR8 HPHT standard.

Trendsetter’s goal is to bring Innovation to Intervention by developing readily configurable, bespoke solutions. Trendsetter’s connectors have been successfully deployed and operated around the world in a variety of applications, including high pressure well intervention projects. Trendsetter offers a full range of production and intervention connectors from 2” to 16” bore, pressures up to 20,000psi, and temperatures up to 400°F.

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