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Undersea Technology Innovation Consortium Members Awarded $600 Million in Prototype Project Funding

The Undersea Technology Innovation Consortium (UTIC) released their annual report highlighting accomplishments in 2023. With 300 member organizations across 33 states, the expertise of UTIC members integrates with every corner of the undersea tech industry. Since UTIC’s inception in 2018, $600 million in prototype project funding has been awarded to members.

In 2018, UTIC was awarded an Other Transaction Agreement (OTA) with the US Navy which allows UTIC members to deliver new technology products and services faster than traditional federal acquisition requirements typically permit. UTIC’s membership is comprised of 67% small businesses, 26% large businesses, 7% academic institutions and non-profit organizations. To date, 85 prototype projects have been awarded to 54 members.

utic logo for press releaseUTIC is a national community of resources and relationships whose aim is to promote innovation, research and workforce development in the undersea tech space.

“UTIC is positioned to continue to grow as an undersea technology thought leader. The ongoing success of the partnership with the Navy, combined with a proactive commitment to workforce development reflects the value of collaboration and innovation across the defense sector,” said Molly Donohue Magee, UTIC CEO.

In addition to UTIC’s success facilitating prototype project opportunities for members, the consortium also launched several external programs in 2023. UTIC’s inaugural scholarship program awarded 6 students pursuing higher education degrees in undersea technology and related fields a total of $30,000. The inaugural UTIC challenge focused on undersea technology workforce development was issued and received applications from academic institutions in the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom (AUKUS). Challenge Prize winners will be awarded $15,000 each and will be announced in early 2024.

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